Innovating the IoT Industry: New Business Ideas, IoT knowledge transfer and IoT Market Adoption.

At the Innovation Online Hackfest we are looking for individuals, (that can work in small groups online) towards designing, create and prototype a project-idea and identify the most valuable aspects from IoT technologies. The selection of those valuable technologies should help to enable  “IoT innovation” like a NEW BUSINESS IDEA, Promote “IoT knowledge transfer” like to MATURE IoT technologies and solutions into A CURRENT PRODUCT/SOLUTION and to motivate IoT services and applications using IoT Project Results for “accelerating” IoT MARKET ADOPTION.

What is it?

This year IoT week is organising an Innovation Hackfest to allow software developers, systems architects, services and solutions designers, entrepreneurs students, researchers and business makers, from different start-ups, large industry, industrial research units, etc., to explore the potential of the IoT Platforms, developed technologies, solutions and applications that reflect the results and are the outcomes of three years projects in the context of the IoT-EPI (European Platforms Initiative). The fiigure below summarizes the IoT Innovation Hackfest Process to particpate.

IoT Innovation Hackfest Process

The Objective

The main objective this year is to motivate that results from H2020 European projects and innovative ideas go into market products, services  and solutions that can incentivise entrepreneurship (start-ups), market adoption (industries make use of available technologies), knowledge transfer (large industries) to adopt and adapt technology coming from donor projects in the form of open source technologies and include them in their business plan, and/or products ideas, and/or production process. 

 The Challenges and Hacking Opportunity

Registered participants will have access to learn the details, and experiment or test the technologies, platforms and services, and have the opportunity (in advance of the competition) to look across the different IoT platforms information sites, development wikis, software code repositories, etc. The offered technologies, services and solutions described can be used freely during this period. The details about the challenges are described below, look at the tools offered per challenge.

IoT Innovation Hackfest Challenges

 IoT Innovation Hackfest Challenges 

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,250 in prizes

BIG IoT Challenge Prize - Up to 1000 Euro

The best use of BIG IoT technology in your business model

SymbIoTe Challenge Prize - Up to 1000 Euro

The best use of SymbIoTe technology in your business model

FIESTA-IoT Challenge Prize - Up to 1000 Euro

The best use of FIESTA-IoT technology in your business model

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


The IoT Forum and the Internet of Things European Platforms Initiative are pleased to invite IoT experts, designers, developers, entrepreneurs students and researchers to the IoT Week 2018 Innovation Hackfest.

Invididuals (over 18 years in age) from any part of the world can participate, the individuals must be part of a registered team according to the rules and the teams must be represented (by minimum one registered participant) in the finals day to be eligible for the prize if they become to be winners.


  Starting your Project

- The Hackfest is online starting immediately as soon as devpost is up. 

- There is one challenge defined per sponsor project with cash prize for the winner.

- The registration in IoT Week 2018 devpost will be open on 15th May 2018.

- The participant(s) register and indicate if already part of a team and which one.

- The participant(s) that registered as individuals will be advised/joined into a team.

   Creating your Team

- The teams work online designing, architecting, describing solutions/ideas.

  (Read again the objective and what is expected from participants to be a winner)

- There are no limits in how the participants can work together, e.g. via online  

   meetings, conference calls, online collaboration platforms, social media, etc.

   Registering your Project

- The teams must register the project latest 24 hours before the finals day.

  The Deadline for registering projects is the 6th June 2018 at 12:00 CEST.

   Last Mile Support

- The sponsor projects will be in the exhibition area during the IoT week with  

 clear indication that the project is part of the hackfest providing “last-mile” support.

- Main support will be the project’s documentation, code repos and wikis.

   Submitting your Project

- The teams must submit the project files, i.e. 3 slides with the pitch idea and

  a video that contains the business idea or the demo with the code that works.

- The submission deadline of the project is on 7th June 2018 at 12:00 CEST.

- On 7th June 2018 (the day of the final) there will be a place dedicated for fine

  tuning and preparation of the projects before the presentation.

- On 7th June 2018, we will have at 10:00 am a session from the sponsors to put

  the hackfest participants in contact with the projects and judges. 

   Pitching your project

- On 7th June 2018, starting at 12:30 we will have the pitches and demos of the participant

   teams and judges will make a first assessment and evaluation.

- On 7th June 2018, from 15:00 onwards the judges will meet to decide on the winners.

- On 7th June 2018, the winners will be announced at the closing ceremony around 17:00.

- Participants registered in devpost, are welcome from 9:00 am. at the designated area for the IoT innovation hackfest.

How to enter

The Registration

Individuals can register and participate and form a team (ideally) of maximum three persons, every person must register as participant in the competition from up to three weeks before the IoT week (available from mid-May 2018) and until the last day of the Innovation Online Hackfest Finals (IoT week competition day is on 7th June 2018) indicating the team she/he belongs to. If participants are alone, organisers can advise to form teams of three in order to combine expertise and increase the possibilities to win. The challenges and technologies available are described in detail in the section "Rules".

All participants must be registered as participants in IoT Week 2018 devpost.

The earlier you register the more time your team has to get to know and test the available technologies. The members in the team must be registered in the competition in order to have access to the premises and to be eligible to the prize in case the project is shortlisted as winner. The selected online platform for registration is IoTWeek 2018 official website


Sergios Sousos

Sergios Sousos
Intracom Telecom

Arne Broering

Arne Broering

Jelena Mitic

Jelena Mitic

Ivana Podnar Zarko

Ivana Podnar Zarko
University of Zagreb

Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez
University of Cantabria

Philippe Cousin

Philippe Cousin

Mikel Larrañaga

Mikel Larrañaga

Martin Serrano

Martin Serrano
Insight (IoT Hackfest Master)

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
  • C1) Technical
    Does the project demo/code works? Is the use of proposed Platforms clear defined?
  • C2) Business idea
    Does the IoT Service create value? Does it save money, create business opportunity, more value or new products?
  • C3) Innovation
    Is it an amazing IoT use case / scenario / service? How the IoT service take advantage of the features and capabilities of BIG IoT or SymbIoTe or FIESTA-IoT technologies?  
  • More Details:
    See more details in the "Rules" Section about the "Evaluation" process on how C1) Technical, C2) Business Idea and C3) Use of proposed Platforms will be evaluated.

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